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What is an immutable class?

2 Answers

A string is immutable, it's type cannot be changed without it being instantiated again.

Immutable means we can not change the existing value of its type

Given a point a, a distance d, and a large set of points, write a program that efficiently finds all of the points in the set that are less than the distance d from point a. A point consists of an x-coordinate and a y-coordinate.

2 Answers

Given a linked list, write a function that will print the list in reverse.

2 Answers

You are an employer and you need to pay your employees with gold. Each piece of gold is worth 7 units and you must pay your employee one unit every day. You can only cut each piece of gold once. How do you pay each employee?

5 Answers

I was asked a detailed data import question.

1 Answer

Does C# support multiple inheritance?

1 Answer

What is the difference between _root and _level0 in actionscript?

1 Answer

What kinds of electrical parametric tests would you perform on a MOS transistor?

1 Answer

can you think out side of the box theory.

1 Answer

Draw the low-frequency and high-frequency C-V curves for a MOS capacitor on a p-epi substrate. Why do they look the way they do? Would they change if you had an n-type contact to the substrate next to the capacitor?

1 Answer
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