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Why interested?

1 Answer

I was told this was a unique opportunity to join a new biotech that was splitting from its parent company Baxter International. Given this I wanted to take this unique opportunity to help build a new biotech and a World Class Procurement Organization. Big big mistake!

can you think out side of the box theory.

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Tell me about a time you used "active listening skills" to improve a situation?

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Wlhy have you had so many jobs.

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Tell me about the last time you had to change the mind of a superior or customer.

What types of people do you like working with?

How would you describe your management style? How do you deal with conflicting demands? Some interviewers focused on line by line questions about my resume, some were much more higher level.

Why do you want to manage a bunch of whiny, complaining and unhappy engineers?

What was the last book you read? Never had anyone ask me on an interview books I have read.

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