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What are the issues in being successful as an agent which Fathom Realty should focus in our quest to optimal optimize Agent's personal success?

1 Answer

I repliedco-branding marketing would be useful in building an agent's business. I noted that carefully choosing talented ethical agents would in long run be beneficial by association to all agents. Also mentioned were having a streamlined compliance approval for deals was appreciated as well as simple recognition of being on a a path to success.

What would be your marketing strategy for running your business ?

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Tell me about your experience in sales?

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Would IRR be higher for a property generating high cash flow, or one generating nothing at all?

4 Answers

What are your strengths/weaknesses?

8 Answers

What are your expectations

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What is the amortizing loan constant for a 6% 30-year mortgage on a $50 million dollar loan?

2 Answers

Differentiate your skills from that of the positions line manager.

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nothing to difficult just the usual - when did you lead the team. how to deal with bad team members etc

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What are the lines in a hotel operating profit and loss statement.

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