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How much work/clientele can you bring to the table?

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I could not bring any additional work with me. I think this was a detrimental part in the interview due to the fact that there was not enough work as it was for me to join the company and cut into the current work that is there and be able to make a good enough salary to make a living. And I understood his point, but if I'm trying to get my CR license and i need additional points to do so, then how am I suppose to bring a clientele with me? It was a little disappointing because I knew that the offer he presented me with would not suffice and I couldn't just jump in and take the work that he was doing and him loose the amount that I would be making from the appraisal, even though I would be doing most of the work. It's s complicated and tough industry to get into without the right contacts and licensing.

Types of reports you have completed?

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do you know the three appraisal methods

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How familiar are you with the appraisal software and the appraisal process?

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The three determinants of value

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Panel: describe a current construction project near you name some things that would add value to a home how would you respond if a property tax payer called saying they couldn't pay their bill this is an entry level training job, describe some recent training you've had describe the current OC real estate market and how that affects the assessor's office (written) 2nd interview: what are your skills name something about your current job you don't like

If I could dine with anyone, dead or alive, which three people would I choose.

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