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What are your expectations

3 Answers

I told them I expected to receive support and learn as much as I can while upholding ethics and legal perameters.

To see how the combination of the eXp cloud real estate concept and my experience in the TN real estate market can mutually benefit the customer/clients in this market. :)

My expectation is to work for a reliable company. Consistently giving as much loyalty, taking responsibility, and showing as much integrity as it askes of its employees. Furthermore putting in as much effort as anyone to make all parties live better, more fulfilling lives.

Do you like the idea that this company is owned by the same family since 1855

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How long have you been a broker

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The most difficult topic was my commission. In an already stressed industry such as real estate, it was a hard pill to swallow giving half of my income back to the company. But I pushed through that because the reputable company name did in fact bring me more business by being associated with the national brand.

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How do you expect to handle the pressure of making a lot of cold calls if you don't have much experience at it?

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Why Marcus?

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Why would I choose to work with someone as young as yourself, when I can work with someone who has been in the business 20 years and has sold several buildings already?

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If you could pick a perfect position, what would that be?

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I was asked about my experience in Real Estate. What motivates me within the industry.

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