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Do you think you could commit to all the requirements?

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I am wondering what they have you doing for work. And who is your manager have you talked to any one named Dina at the company and if so is she the only person you have talked to and have you been paid by them yet?

I haven't started to receive any shipments yet and I haven't been paid. My manager's name is Dina. Have you recieved a package yet?

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when you get up in the morning what trouser leg do you put on first right or left? This is not a trick question.

5 Answers

Think of a time when you had to lead a group of people

2 Answers

When can you start

1 Answer

what do you know about this company

1 Answer

Are there any important skills you'd bring to the company.

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What kind of shipping experiance do you have?

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If item had mold on it what would i do and there was no other item available to replace it.

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What are you planning on getting out the job?

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Do you have a reliable way to get to work?

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