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Reconciliation Analyst Interview Questions


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Do you know the 1985 version of Fiserv's Checkfree APL? That's our main software system.

1 Answer

No, but I've mastered several proprietary and non-proprietary systems for four different firms, and I can learn Checkfree APL.

If you can bike 12 mph up hill and 20 mph downhill how far can you go and come back to have done it in 8 hours?

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How does your other work experience apply to this kind of position?

Why I wanted to work for Kelsey-Seybold

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If you have 8 balls and a balance beam, one of the balls weighs more, what is the minimum number of times you can weigh the balls to find the heaviest one?

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Pretend I have no financial background. Pick a topic and teach me in basic terms something about finance.

How does your experience in your previous role help you provide value going forward in your career?

If I had to choose between finishing a task on time that was just okay, or being late but did amazing, what would I chose?

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