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La Frontera Arizona
Recovery Coach was asked...July 21, 2017

What experience do you have working with members of the LBGQT community?

1 Answers

As an ex-DCS worker, I have worked with teens and adults that identify in some way, shape, or form with one of the above and have undergone diversity training. Less

COPE Community Services

What do you consider recovery?

1 Answers

A return to formal health, free from addictions.

Arbor Circle

How will you balance your own personal recovery with working in the peer recovery field and how will you use your story to help those with whom you will be working?

1 Answers

Keeping my own recovery a priority in my life is very important to me. If I don't stay sober, I can't help anyone who wants to get sober. Keeping my personal and professional boundaries intact are key. Listening thoroughly to a client seeking help is important before I can decide how much or how little of my own experiences are appropriate to share with them. However, my life is an open book and I have no problems relating my own recovery and hard learned wisdom with anyone who wants to listen. Less

Arbor Circle

What level of education have you finished?

1 Answers

I have an Associate degree in Allied Health from Baker College of Muskegon, Michigan and one year of Bible College at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Less

RI International

What skill would you bring to this position?

1 Answers

What is the definition of recovery?

RI International

We have two positions. Which one are you thinking about?

1 Answers

What does recovery mean to you?

Massachusetts General Hospital
Recovery Coach was asked...September 30, 2019

Give us an example of how you handle patients who blame you for not being available for them,

1 Answers

Deescalate and validate their feelings

Resources For Human Development

How do you feel about helping clients in a community setting?

1 Answers

I’m glad I am able to do so with my own personal experience.

Meridian Behavioral Health Services

How would you handle two clients that were in a physical altercation?

1 Answers

We are not allowed to put our hands on clients whatsoever but I stated if I felt one of the clients was in imminent danger of losing their life I would physically break up the altercation. Either way 911 would be called then supervisor and anybody else in the chain of command I was told to call. Less

How would you deal with a situation that did not go as planned?

1 Answers

Well I would get all the facts and then sort it out!

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