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Split Rock Resort
Recreation Attendant was asked...August 1, 2015

What skills do you have that will help you in this job?

1 Answers

Being a people person, sports minded, and creative.

Palisades Tahoe

How will you make our team successful?

1 Answers

Understanding that my job does not end and begin with only the responsibilities of the title I was hired under. Less

Palisades Tahoe

What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answers

Part of customer service is understanding that you represent the brand of the business at all times when you are on property and being a great example of the brand. Less

Le Meridien

If I had to be a bike what bike would i be

2 Answers

No human had to be a bike. Besides human has movable part more like a bike but talking and action type Less

muscles and energy bike

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Why do you want to work with kids? How would you handle trouble kids in difficult situations?

2 Answers

why: I want to become more skilled with students in small groups, afterschool programming, like being creative to plan activities, like working with young kids on literacy skills difficult situations: pull kid aside and talk to them to find out why. move them away from activity for awhile, come up with behavior plan Less

I like being creative to plan activities. I like working with kids on reading concepts. First I give a verbal warning then after talking to them twice I take them away from the situation by changing seats or owing me time. If it continues they lose a privilege and we come up with behavior plan Less

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Tell me about a time when you had to discipline a child.

2 Answers

In my current job I find myself having to discipline kids. One girl was being unsafe on the swing. I told her if I had to talk to her again she wouldn't be allowed to play with the swing for the rest of recess. Later some students complained she was going too high so I told her she couldn't use the swing the rest of recess. Another boy was not being safe with the play equipment after three offenses I had him sit out for 5 minutes asked him why he was sitting out and then was specific in why he was sitting out Less

recently in my summer job I had to discipline kids several times. One girl was being unsafe on the swing pushing it too high and too fast. I gave her a warning that if it happens again she loses her right to the swing. Some other kids complain she was going too high so I told her she can't play on the swing for the rest of recess. Another boy kept making fun of another kid and threw another girl's hair clip in a pitcher of water. After repeated warnings I sent him to the afterschool director Less

Carecorp Seniors Services

What made me interested in the job.

1 Answers

The capacity of the position to be able to contribute positively to the society, especially in this demographic. Less

Sacramento START

At the end of the interview you are asked to make up an activity for the kids. You get 20 minutes. You have to be creative, and show them you are flexible, and can think fast on your feet.

1 Answers

They score your answers to the questions, so the better your answer the better point you get. Less

What do you know about kids with disabilities?

1 Answers

This is a tough one. You need to answer honestly. For me I work in therapeutics already. So I would say "not one child is the same even if they have a similar disability. Every child needs to be treated fair but not equal. Children with disabilities are often misunderstood and are much smarter then you may think. You must have patients and a caring heart. Less

North Vancouver Recreation Commission

Tell me more about your experience with our staff or programs.

1 Answers

I took the opportunity to explain everything I knew about the facilities, programs and website. I also told a personal past experience I had with the organisation. Less

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