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Recruiting Coordinator Interview Questions


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If I ask you to jump off the plane without a parachute, would you jump?

5 Answers

I did answer that question, but maybe I shouldn't have answered it. Anyways, no comment.

"Only if I could be holding your hand!" ;-)

If it is still on the ground and I can avoid an injury - possibly...

"Explain a time where you had to disagree with a manager, please explain the process and the result"

2 Answers

What would be your daily approach to this position

1 Answer

Explain a way in which you sought a creative solution to a problem.

2 Answers

Share two positive qualities you currently don't have that you would like to have

1 Answer

What was the question you were asked?

1 Answer

What is your undrestanding of the role?

1 Answer

If you could have any job, what would it be?

1 Answer

Why do I want to work for goodwill.

1 Answer

So you graduated with a pretty good GPA. How'd you do that?

1 Answer
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