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If I ask you to jump off the plane without a parachute, would you jump?

5 Answers

I did answer that question, but maybe I shouldn't have answered it. Anyways, no comment.

"Only if I could be holding your hand!" ;-)

If it is still on the ground and I can avoid an injury - possibly...

If you were to give a tour of HQ, what would you include.

1 Answer

"Explain a time where you had to disagree with a manager, please explain the process and the result"

1 Answer

Very difficult, thought process questions. Tell me about a time....What would you do if...What do you consider [blank]... Also asked several questions about my previous work experience with recruiting and why did I think I was a fit for Google. Why should we hire you?

1 Answer

1) What was your biggest challenge in your previous position? 2) How do you deal with criticism, like a client freaking out?

1 Answer

How would you react to someone on the phone who is upset or irate?

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The question I found most difficult to answer was "How many other companies are you interviewing with, and how far along are you in the process with each of them?" I thought this was tricky because it seemed like the HR Director was using this to assess whether I am worth pursuing.

1 Answer

What do you value the most, it is hard to narrow it to just one thing.

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How I would handle it if recruiters won't respond to the appointments I set up for them.

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I was indirectly asked if I was a member of the Jewish faith (repeatedly). After several attempts to avoid answering the question, I had no choice but to confirm that I am not Jewish. But rather, grew up in the Catholic church. The positive energy and the interest I felt they had in me vanished. HUC is a Jewish Seminary and the posting stated that someone familiar with the Jewish faith is preferred.

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