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How would I hire 1000 engineers without an interview?

4 Answers

Utilize selection methods how tier one business schools and universities admit students. Essays and previous records or success.

It's easy if you are going for quantity over quality. The question didn't specify.

By a designed program, in my practical experience, we call it " on-job-training." simply, school enrollment methods. However, this type of interview Qs often came less-detailed to determine behavioral responses from the candidate.

Is your husband ok with you taking this role?

2 Answers

How would I solve problems if I were from Mars?

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Why do you want to work for Ytel?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself beginning with college and walk me through your career.

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They asked behavioral questions to include, tell me about a mistake that you made and what would you do differently. What would your current or past employer say about you?

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Please tell me about the last time you had to get into someone's face to make your point.

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The usual. What can you bring to the company? what will you do different than the employees that are leaving because they could not meet the client's needs and did not communicate this to them?

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