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How do you feel about cold-calling?

1 Answer

I don't mind. I'm outgoing and it transfers well over the phone in my voice and energy. I like helping people solve problems and as a recruiter I believe I can convey that well over the phone.

How would you deal with a difficult hiring manager during a consultative discussion?

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How would you handle bringing in new business?

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Do you have any issues with cold calling?

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How much experience and education do you have in the IT field?

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What are some sources for identifying/building a talent pool?

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What are the three attributes you believe a successful technical recruiter should have?

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What qualities/skills do you obtain that would be applicable to a recruiting role, in terms of the specific day-to-day roles and functions of the position?

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In order to recruit IT personnel, we expect you to be up to date on languages and operating systems. Tell us about your experience.

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Describe the innovative tools you will bring to this department if you are selected.

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