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I had been asked if I was okay with taking a step back. This process would entail me starting my book of business over and not making the amount of money I had been making.

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I was taken back by this question. I knew I would be starting over, which was really exciting for me. It normally takes about 6 months MINIMUM to build a solid book of business. However, at my last job, I was exceeding goal and bringing it a large commission check within 2 months.

They asked me why I had applied to TransPerfect and what made me want to work there.

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Why do you want to work for G4S?

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Tell us about a time your concept of diversity was challenged.

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What recruitment process I had experienced

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1st phone interview was short and average - typical questions. Next, the very lengthly e-mailed "pre-screen recruiter phone interview e-mail questions": (Recruiter contacted me mind you!) It was very and questions were standard as you see posted for in person interviews but took a lot of time due to me thinking it was the real deal, a "$32K Project Specialist" position. It probably wasn't even read. I had to call and e-mail him several times to request the next process: the assessment. A second recruiter contacted me talking me into a "better" position of "Sales" - but for $22K with commission. Ha! I don't think so. He told me I don't have enough experience for the Trainer or "Project Specialist" position. I have a BA in Education and have years of corporate training experience! I can certainly handle "customer service/project management. The issue was those positions did not exist. They were all call center with different titles. He knew I figured him out. He gave me the assessment. I took it. It was for a call center position just as I had thought. I emailed them back telling them how unprofessional and deceitful they were and I expected more from them. No, I did not drink the Kool-Aid either.

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How do you handle a hiring manager that is unresponsive, hard to deal with, and not giving you feedback in candidates?

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I didnt find any of the questions difficult

I was asked to describe something about myself that I consider to be a deficit.

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