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Javascript Developer/React-Redux Developer was asked...December 23, 2019

Online : 1) Nearest to zero element in an array 2) Longest prefix program 3) single loop reversal of string online questions require you to fill the logic only , not to write the entire program Pen paper : input =['acr', 'bat','car','atb','rca','rac','xyz'] desired output: [ ['acr','car','rca','rac'], ['bat','atb'],['xyz']] i.e grouping of psuedonyms .

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let arr = ["acr", "bat", "car", "atb", "rca", "rac", "xyz"]; let flag = 0; let result = []; let pos = 0; for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { if (!result.flat().includes(arr[i])) { result.push([arr[i]]); pos += 1; for (let j = i + 1; j < arr.length; j++) { if (arr[i].length === arr[j].length) { for (let k = 0; k < arr[i].length; k++) { if (arr[j].includes(arr[i][k])) { flag += 1; } } if (flag == arr[i].length) { result[pos - 1].push(arr[j]); } flag = 0; } } } } console.log(result); Less


1. How you maintain the centralize data storage in react ? 2. Write an array of numbers, print the unique values of array 3. Write a program to Sum all the numbers of array, 4. How to fetch the values from the store 5. Tell me about some hooks 6. #id_abc{color:yellow } .abc{color: red} div{color:blue} Which CSS will be applicable for div. <div id="id_abc" class="abc">Test</div> 7. One Javascript question on button click. 8. Error boundaries in component.

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The answered all the questions correctly . I have verified after my interview.


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Tell me about your job history


Design a add, edit and delete module of task manager with only redux approach.


Call() apply() difference Redux principles Routing React life cycle


Have you worked with a remote team before

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Was never called so no questions asked.

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