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Case interview question from first interview: Please select a price for a year-long contract with a hospital.

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I broke down the contract into cost components: labor, supplies, machine maintenance, etc. Once I figured out the cost, I asked what percentage markup I should use over cost to get the price. Don't worry about doing difficult calculations: they let you round to workable figures. They mostly care about how your break down an analytical problem.

I was asked about a time I made a mistake that affected others and how I handled/remedied the problem.

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What do you know about Automated Enterprise Scheduling?

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Case interview question from second interview: Suppose we were thinking of opening up dialysis centers in a foreign country. What things would we need to consider before making a determination if this was a good idea or not?

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Tell me about a time when you received negative feedback and how did you deal with it?

Tell us about a time when you failed in a team.

Talk about something challenging you've been through with work or an organization and how you overcame that challenge.

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