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Regional it support manager Interview Questions


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How do you PXE boot a Windows machine?

2 Answers

By tapping the F12 key during the boot process.

Either hitting F12 on booting or booting with no input device connected.

Bias for Action - getting things done without stepping on top of others

1 Answer

What is your troubleshooting steps ? How is your customer service skills ?

Tell me how you understand BGP? Tell me about a situation where you had to terminate an employee and the steps taken to perform the task.

Are you comfortable being self sufficient? Are you ok with traveling? Weakest and great strengths etc

All interviews consisted of behavioral based interview questions mostly focused on leadership style. The interview process was challenging and fun.

same old , same old. Tell me your toughest assignment and how you fixed it. Did you ever have to fire anybody and why. how would you handle a difficult employee