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After almost two decades of being a Realtor, nothing asked during the interview was difficult to answer. I was not impressed with the company, it is an obvious attempt to hijack the work of the Realtor.

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Once I found out what the salary was my enthusiasm immediately diminished. While regular Realtors have to work harder to get there leads than a Redfin Agent, they make about five times more than a Redfin agent. The Market manager who interviewed me from Chicago did 75 transactions his first year. A normal Realtor would make $500,000+ doing this many transactions, where a Redfin Market manager only gets paid a salary of $60,000 plus some benefits.There are lots of mouths to feed in this corporate giant. All of which are supported by commissions. If you are an agent for Redfin you will work more than any agent out there, while your compensation is a fraction of what a good Realtor will make.

Pretty standard interview questions asking why I left my previous position, what I was looking for in a job/company culture, and what strengths I brought to the table.

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

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How collaborate with internal departments to achieve corporate goals

What have you contributed to your last position.

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No specific questions about past

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Why I was interested in moving to them since I had a seemingly better job

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Typical interview questions- asking about your strengths, weaknesses, etc. They have standard questions they read off a sheet and take notes.

I was given powerpoint slides only - no notes - and had to use the information on it to create a 30 minute presentation with a 15 minute Q&A. The questions were staged and I felt I fielded them well. Then they changed gears with the last question back to a standard interview "why should we hire you?"

Do you normally work with a recruiter ?

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