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All questions followed a basic Performance Based interview process (find out about Performance Based Interviewing on VA website) - all the answers were there as well as Typical questions included: II Customer Service In your current job, who are your internal and external customers? Specifically, how do you get satisfaction feedback from your internal customers? Specifically, how do you get satisfaction feedback from your external customers? Give specific examples of how you have used both negative and positive feedback. II Interpersonal Effectiveness A part of this job is documenting your work. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being excellent writing skills, how would you rate your writing ability? Give specific example of the types of documents you write routinely. What feedback do you get from your supervisor on your writing skills? II Personal Mastery Developing and using a detailed procedure is often very important in a job. Tell about a time when you needed to develop and use a detailed procedure to successfully complete a project. II Systems Thinking In your current job, what organizational change have you made or contributed to that you are proud of? How did you go about making the change? What has been the impact of the change? II Technical Skills Give me an example of a time when you used good judgment and decision-making in solving a problem.

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All answers were based on my prior experiences and were framed in a standard "PAR" [Problem, Action, Results] format.

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