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Regional Sales Director was asked...July 28, 2019

"Sell me this pen."

2 Answers

This is hilarious. Should've told the interviewer you also enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street. Less

Seriously, they asked this question. I almost laughed in front of the interviewer as I figured he was joking, but he really wanted me to sell him a freaking pen. This would (somehow) show I had sales skills. Okay. Besides that, the interviewer spent half the interview time explaining how he had worked at ADP for 5+ years and he was really good at managing. Total ego trip. Couldn't get out of the room fast enough! Less


(for this you need to understand that Panduit sells mostly pieces and parts, but thinks of itself as a solutions provider): How would you position Panduit's solutions in the financial services industry space?

2 Answers

When I first interviewed with Panduit, I was asked one single question -- Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight? That was the defining moment...... Less

Panduit wants to hear that you can sell value, not sell on price. You should tell them you're willing to walk away from a sale before you'd undermine your own pricing system in a given region or industry. Less

The most difficult question was what my professional approach would be to potential IL state clients. It was difficult because the potential decision makers are IL state politicians with whom I had not had previous experience.

1 Answers

My answer was that I would pursue my typical professional approach to build trust and value and not approach the individuals as politicians which was positively accepted, endorsed and supported through the interview process. Less

Lincoln Financial Distributors

Can you consistently meet 25 people face to face each and every week? (See answer). You do not get any assistance keeping your schedule or setting your appointments!

1 Answers

Yes, however I would request assistance setting that many appointments.


What is your pay expectation?

1 Answers

I gave them a range that they thought was reasonable.

Marriott International

Describe the most difficult selling situation you encountered in which you were unsuccessful.

1 Answers

This is always a hard question. The fact that interviewers could not have me elaborate really beyond strict questions they were allowed to ask was the most difficult component. Less

Springboard (UK)

If I had COO and real estate connections at retailers?

1 Answers

I had marketing contacts.

Safe Haven Security

Why would you be good for this job?

1 Answers

I wouldn't

Alto Pharmacy

Qualifications, Self starter, goals, Pharma landscape

1 Answers

Enjoyed challenging situation

Global Lending Services

Basically just told me about the company

1 Answers

And I gave them my experience plus some insight.

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