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Have I ever managed a project where my deadline move-up abruptly? Was I able to meet that deliverable deadline, and if so, how?

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I explained a recent experience in which my predecessor chose to ignore a critical condition of approval on her project, which had been turned over to me. I explained how I meet with my organizations principals, gained their blessed and immediately scheduled a meeting with the city's engineering and public works department. It took me jumping in, evaluating the issue, determining the best possible solution for all, and work with and manage my team flawlessly. It is a complete success and I met my deliverable deadline.

The hiring manager basically said "our ideal candidate is someone with years of experience but we can't get that candidate - no one who is successful in the business is going to leave $100K in owed commissions behind to change companies" Basically - We can't have who we want so we have dragged you in - you might do.

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Tell me why you are the right person for this job?

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Explain a time when you needed to convince a large group to take action on your idea.

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Related to role and challenged I forsee and how would I tackle such issues

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Give me a snapshot of who you are.

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Would you have a problem signing a non-compete. First off it will be a yes- they are selling SEO no intellectual property. Then he was telling me his story of being sued by a previous employer for Non compete. I did let him know at the interview I was not interested. They are a small company and want to use my connections and then tell me I cant sell them again because of non-compete.

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Write a business plan

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They asked about my experience with inventory shortage and involvement with internal theft cases.

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How would you train a team and what specific resources would you use

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