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Would you have a problem signing a non-compete. First off it will be a yes- they are selling SEO no intellectual property. Then he was telling me his story of being sued by a previous employer for Non compete. I did let him know at the interview I was not interested. They are a small company and want to use my connections and then tell me I cant sell them again because of non-compete.

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I would never sign a non-compete- I wish the HR would have called to ask about the interview thumbs down for this company.

First off, I am sorry that you had a bad interview experience with us, and we certainly appreciate your response so that we can change things moving forward. I did want to mention that we are actually selling PPC/SEM. SEO is not something we do. Also, anyone going to a company in a sales capacity has to sign a non-compete. I have been recruiting for sales for over 15 years, and even have had to sign non-competes myself. I can't remember one place that I worked that I didn't have to sign one. Best of luck to you in your career search.

Defensive answer from HR is typical immature attitude from Netsertive when challenged. Netsertive is one of dozens of Google PPC resellers, only differentiated by their extremely narrow market focus and connections with retailer buying groups. Churn and burn for Regional Sales Managers is 3-6 months, when you've exhausted your contact list and no one is interested. My non-compete clause basically would have prohibited me from working in my field anywhere in the region. Do you really think the approximately 50 - 75 or so Sales Reps who have moved on from Netsertive are not working in Internet Sales? Good luck with enforcement, Netsertive!

Explain a time when you needed to convince a large group to take action on your idea.

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When are you available?

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Why are you interested in this job?

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Give me a snapshot of who you are.

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Can you adjust your schedule to frequent travel to any office in the country?

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Tell me about your sales process?

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How would you manage an independent contractor when he or she disagrees with the direction you are asking them to go?

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What is your reaction to the idea that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission?

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Our sales managers start as agents. Are you open to doing that and moving to management if we think you're a good fit?

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