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Regional Vice President Sales Interview Questions


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Why Localytics? Tell me about the space? Why you? The usual...

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Do you're research and study the space.

Sales Experience, Consulting Industry Knowledge, Cultural Fit, What was is your background? What do you do for fun? Why DB&A? What were some of the challenges at your past firm and what did you do to address them?

Basic questions about my experience leading a sales team and experience selling a SaaS product.

Behavioral questions abound. If you want to do well in the interviews, prepare your stories, be honest, confident and add humor where appropriate. One example: "Describe a time where you received criticism in the management or engagement of others. How did you internalize that criticism and how did that impact your future interactions and/or management style?"

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Why PeraHealth?

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Go through you're entire professional career, which can be longer for senior folks.

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How do you get past a person in an organization who continues to thwart your sales efforts?

What kind of background I had and why I felt I was qualified to go to work for Aventura HQ

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What are your strengths?

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