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Action Behavior Centers - ABA Therapy for Autism
Registered Behavior Technician was asked...April 26, 2021

What inspires you?

2 Answers

The difference I make in clients lives, and seeing the progress they make

The difference I make in clients lives, and seeing thier progress

Utah Autism Academy

If I was a student and if I could make full time work.

2 Answers

I was told I can make full time work. However doing this has made my life hell and they are not willing to let students go part time. Less

Not true ! For the time I was there UAA was extremely accommodating towards my school schedule ! As for everyone else I worked with ! Less

GoalPoint Behavior Group

Would you be okay with getting paid $8 for training and $13.50 for working with a patient?

2 Answers

Yes. But training lasts way longer than expected.

I was told $8 for training but then $15 after. I believe training can take roughly two months. Less

Butterfly Effects

* What would you do if a child started hitting you in the middle of session?

1 Answers

* I would do what the behavior plan told me to do.

Butterfly Effects

Do you have any experience working with children?

1 Answers

I talked about my experience babysitting and volunteering at summer camps and enrichment programs for children with disabilities. Less

Butterfly Effects

How will you use your previous work experience in this position?

1 Answers

I will use the goal-setting and scheduling skills that I have learned from my previous positions in this position. Less

Direct Behavioral Strategies

What previous experience do you have in different ABA settings?

1 Answers

Schools, homes, community, clinical settings

Continuum Behavioral Health

Why did you apply for the job?

1 Answers

I have been working with a boy that has Down’s syndrome for 2 years now. When his ABA comes to the house, I have taken a great interest in what she does. Since then I have received my RBT certificate and began job searching! Less

K1ds Count

Where do you see yourself five years from mow

1 Answers

I am graduating with my doctorate

Action Behavior Centers - ABA Therapy for Autism

One thing I remember being asked was "If hired with Action Behavior Centers, what can you contribute to the the overall goal of assisting clients."

1 Answers

I responded to the question by "being the team's motivational influence to remain positive as the line of work can become stressful, and keeping positivity and creativity high as students need it to continue to perform well." Less

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