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St Mary's Care Center
RN Nursing Home was asked...July 6, 2018

I was asked to recall a time when you went above and beyond to provide for a resident in a nurse care situation.

1 Answers

I was able to recall a time when I did someone's nails, fixed their hair for them. Less

Piedmont Healthcare

What do you consider your strengths,How would you deal with your weaknesses, where do you see yourself in 5 years, how do you deal with a conflict with a colleague. Why do you want to work at Piedmont and why in this particular department.

1 Answers

Love Piedmont and the staff

Pacific International Hospital

My personal details

1 Answers

By giving my full name,last attended college etc...

SMU (Southern Methodist University)

What is your availability?

1 Answers

Just answer how often you can my scheduled.


"What are your expectations?"

1 Answers

I expect to be appropriately staffed for acuity, not number of patients; I expect the DON to come in rather than leave us short-staffed. I also expect that if there is a problem with my performance, you will come to me immediately so that we can address the problem. Less

The Hope Center

Why did you leave your last job How will you be an asset to our ministry Have you read, do you understand our mission statement. Will you represent yourself personally and professionally using our mission standards.

1 Answers

I was prepared by knowing the history of what they provide the communities of Atlanta. had received an extensive application via e-mail that gave me clear ideas of what they were looking for. Some of the questions were personal, some uncomfortable however I knew this going in and decided to complete and take the next step. Hardest part is knowing what to do while I wait on their interest. I need an income now. Less

Ivy Lane Pediatrics
RN Nursing was asked...November 12, 2020

What do you enjoy about nursing?

1 Answers

Having a relationship with my patients

Avamere Family of Companies

If I thought it was possible to have a OSBN test site in the classroom.

1 Answers

I assured them it was possible, yet it would take a few changes to the physical layout during testing. As I had the opportunity to evaluate the classroom and skills practice site, I believed that with a few alterations (not discussed in detail) that this would be an excellent change and it statistically improves the candidates 1st time passage rate for the OSBN testing. Less

Humber River Hospital

What do you know about our missions/values, how can you contribute to that

Anne Arundel Medical Center

what makes you a good candidate

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