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If there was a sick newborn in the nursery, an adult patient in the ER in distress, and a patient on one of the general floors who needed respiratory care all at the same time, who would you see first.

2 Answers

I told him that you have to consider the acuity of the patient. So, I would see the baby, then the ER patient, and then the floor patient.

You'd see the person in distress first

Could I be happy working in an office, with less patient contact than at a hospital.

1 Answer

I was asked basic questions about dealing with difficult people, both staff and patient. I was asked what I would do during CPR. I was also asked How I would view my coworkers.

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What would I do in a situation where there is gossip in the department and I was overhearing it?

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How would you treat a patient that's deteriorating? What steps would you perform?

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They wanted numbers and not answers based on real-world experience.

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General practice questions, such as type of ventilators have you worked with

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Do you know how to set up a CPAP

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Name and describe a congenital heart defect

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