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Registrar Interview Questions

"Employers are looking for registrars with strong organization, time management, and communication skills. As you'll be responsible for maintaining and coordinating records for others, interviewers will want to know about your ability to make spreadsheets, maintain records, and work with word processing programs. Strong interpersonal skills are a plus, so make sure you bring an enthusiastic attitude to the interview."

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One question they asked me was "Why do you want to work for Virtua"

Describe one time I went above and beyond for a customer

Q: How can you bring your unique talents to a job that involves lots of record keeping and organization?

Tell me about a time that you had to take care of an upset patient. What happened and how did you handle it?

What has been my busiest day at work? Where was it, why was it so busy, how I handled it, etc?

What type of work had I done in the past?

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