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How many jellybeans would fit in a 747.

3 Answers

Two jelly beans would definitely fit in a 747. Other than that, I could only give an estimate...

How big are the jelly beans? What an odd question to ask during an interview.....

The number is truly irrelevant. They are just looking to see how you think critically. Specifically they want you to ask questions like: what version of the 747? Are they standard jelly beans? Does it have seats? Does that include the gas tanks or is it only the cabin? Does it have to fly afterwards? Etc etc. Truly the answer could be anywhere between 0 and 2000000000. In case you happen to be wondering 2 years later, there are 13 models of 747 I believe.

Asked by a Senior VP: "With every person we hire, it dilutes down everyone's shares, including mine, and I have a lot. That said, why should we hire you?".

2 Answers

Nothing you can't answer. We pretty much shared laughs and talked a little about the job.

1 Answer

3 Strengths and Weaknesses.

1 Answer

No questions were difficult. VP did say that the role may be relocating to western MA-so from a relo stand point, any candidate would have to move more than once to keep job.

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What regulation number applies to regulatory affairs?

1 Answer

What do you know about the company? Recent news?

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Describe when you worked in a group.

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They did ask very difficult questions and also detailed question of the experience.

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Does FDA approve safe devices? Have you supported audits? Have you worked on 510(k) submissions?

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