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Relationship Banker I Interview Questions


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What do you do when a client is unwilling to give you any information to help resolve an issue.

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Polity explain that without detailed information you are limited to what you can do to assist them. It would be like going to a doctor telling them you don't feel well and expecting a prescription without telling them your symptoms. I can't be done.

Why do you want to leave your current employer? How do you feel about making phone calls? How do you feel about going on business calls?

Give an example of a difficult customer service situation and how you handled it?

Name a time you exceeded expectations and what was the outcome?

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Has a customer ever had a problem understanding you & what did you do ?

I don't recall a really unexpected or difficult question. All pertained to the job and basic interview questions such as: tell me about yourself, role-play phrased questions, tell me about a difficult situation you had to overcome at your previous job.

Was there a time when a manager asked you to do something that you weren't comfortable with?

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