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Relationship Banker II was asked...June 18, 2013

Describe an opportunity to increase sales.

1 Answers

Described the assumptive sale.


One branch manager asked me to sell her a highlighter in a role play.

1 Answers

I gained permission to use her copy of my resume for a demonstration I then used the highlighter on my name and the skills which most directly correlated to the position. I then asked her what stood out at first glance. Less

M&T Bank

What is your greatest weakness

1 Answers

I said im very competitive and my coworkers are a bit threatened by it, but ultimately it motivates them to sell more so I wouldnt change that about me but I would definitely reach out more to coworkers to exchange ideas on how we could all improve. All my behavioral answers pretty much laid the foundation for that kind of an answer so I would be able to spin it in a positive light. They are very focused on selling, multi tasking, taking initiative and teamwork! Less

M&T Bank

Name a challenge that you had to overcome with one of your colleagues, how did you handle it.

1 Answers

I gave a short and sweet answer. It was honest, but simple. Problem and solution. These are common questions during interviews, it’s almost like a script they’re reading from, so I would advise just thinking about some real life scenarios and even if you didn’t fix the problem, what could you have done? Less

J.P. Morgan

Tell me why do you feel like you are perfect for this position

1 Answers

why do you


Why do you want to work for Chase?

Capital One

They asked about my past experience in finance.

M&T Bank

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why are you leaving your current job? Why are you applying for this position?

M&T Bank

How are you with Telephone Sales? What do you know about M&T? What did you do at your previous work place? Tell us about yourself..

Huntington National Bank

What does customer service mean to you?

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