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Will be asked about what your weaknesses and strengths are. This can be a tricky question.

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R u already licensed for the RB Position?

I recently went for an interview as RB and HR called me with the offer. She explained as I am not licensed so they will hire me as PB and send me for exam within 3 months and once I pass the exam I will be RB! Any advice???

Sell this pen.

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What sales experience do you have? What have you done to promote yourself and company in your current role? How do you handle difficult situations?

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Ways to overcome objections or irate clients

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Interview Questions exactly as appeared on Hirevue webcam screen:( i only remember these but were 15 total) 1) Why do you want to work for Chase ? 2) Why are you leaving your current job or why did you leave your previous job ? 3) Do you have your series 6,63, and life licenses > if not can you get them in 90 days ? 4) Why do you want to be a relationship banker ? 5) If you were trying to get a new customers business by phone and the customer rejected your offer, how would you respond? 6) What are your hours of availability, do you have any schedule restrictions? 7) What are your Salary expectations? 8) What are your strengths and Weaknesses? 9) Tell me about your work experience ? 10) Why are you the best candidate for the position ? 11) What locations are you interested in ? 12) Tell me about a portfolio of customers you managed ? How did you deepen the relationship ? I am still in interview process.

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What networth-size clientele are you most comfortable working with?

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How would you resolve a conflict with a customer/angry customer

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I didn't personally get this question, but it was "Take this pen and sell it to me. Tell me why I have to have this pen."

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Describe an opportunity to increase sales.

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Why did you call Regions

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