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How would you go about selling our service to potential clients?

1 Answer

Was not yet even educated on there processes.....

We often have to relay bad news to clients. Provide an example of a time you had to do this and how you handled it.

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What experience do you have with client relationship management? Have you worked with any major clients in the past? If so, which ones and what experiences did you gain from that? What has made you effective at client and account management?

if you have a project like a display model to complete but you are running out of time and a customer comes in asking for assistance what would you do?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work at this bank more than Bank X?

4 Answers

Problem Solving #2 - You have 3 light switches and 1 light bulb controlled by only 1 switch in a room you can't see into. You can flip any or as many switches as you want and can check the room once. The next time you go into the room, you have to know for sure which switch controls the light bulb.

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How many times will you fail at something before you succeed?

1 Answer

Standard background/experience discussions

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What types of contracts were sold

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How do you organize your efforts when contacting clients

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