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How would you go about selling our service to potential clients?

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Was not yet even educated on there processes.....

We often have to relay bad news to clients. Provide an example of a time you had to do this and how you handled it.

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What experience do you have with client relationship management? Have you worked with any major clients in the past? If so, which ones and what experiences did you gain from that? What has made you effective at client and account management?

Tell me about Yourself Summer Internship Project Work Experience and ur learnings from it. Family Background why HDFC ? If given Sales, how will you do it ? Any Location Preference.

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Why do you want to work at this bank more than Bank X?

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Review a scenario of a client coming into the bank with financial needs such as saving for retirement, education, etc. Then you play the role of the banker recommending financial solutions to the client (sales manager). Why do you want to working in banking? What are your goals? Strength and weakness.

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How would I multi-task.

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fossil is to extinction - puddle is to a) wet 2) dry 3) ? or 4) rain

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nothing out of the ordinary

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Typical phone screen interview questions. A few related to dealing with law enforcment and comfort with being in proximity to firearms.

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