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Director, PMO Projects & Releases was asked...June 12, 2015

What do you do when your project managers come with a compliant about a project team?

1 Answers

I coach the individual in dealing with the situation vs playing 'rescuer'


Starting from a top level directory how would you find files having same content ?

3 Answers

by providing the network path of that file in the directory and search. for example:- E:\folder\file.ext in this way we can search. Less

pick a good hashing algorithm. create an empty hash map string -> [ string ] walk the directory structure( BFS), for each file: let h = hash(file) if map[h] does not exist: create key h in map. push the file path into map[h] each key in the hash map will contain all files with sam content Less

Dude! I think you din't understand the question correctly.. How will you know that which all files have same content? you should apply some algorithms or data structure to solve this problem... Less


How would you list all the files newer than yesterday?

3 Answers

if files are all inside the arraylist/linked list called 'files' then: while(files.hasNext()) { file =; long fileDate = file.getDateofCreation(); long currentDate = system.getCurrentDate(); long diff = currentDate - fileDate; long yesterday = currentDate - (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000); //yesterday in milliseconds hrs * min * secs if ( diff > yesterday) selectTheFile(file); else dicardTheFile(file); } Less

If you are in the directory that has all the files you wanna sort, I believe there's a unix command to use: find -maxdepth 1 -type f -mtime 1 Less

find . -mtime -1

Motorola Mobility

What do you know about branching strategies?

3 Answers

Branching by feature: code release from trunk; branching by release: release directly from branch Less

Allmost all version control system today support branching . It basically independent line of work that stem from one central code base. Less

I was new to Git and didnt know much about strategies with branching.

Valve Corporation

Implement a function in C to draw a circle using the single point drawing function drawPt(x,y).

2 Answers

Not a hard question, just don't take it at face value. They're looking for efficient elegant code. Remember that you don't have to compute every point in the circle, just 1/8th of the arc and then permutate those coordinates across (+/-x, +/-y) and (+/-y, +/-x). Use Pythagorean's theorem to generate the y coord from the x coord but also remember that the radius doesn't change so precompute it once rather than each time through your loop. I think the bottom line is don't just give them what they ask for at face value, give them the most elegant and efficient code you can think of. Less

The key question I had is, "how many vertices do we draw for a given circle?" In person, I would probably ask how to handle this, but in a general case you can take it as a parameter. I've done this below as the "resolution" variable. I also assume the units are all doubles. void drawCircle(double x, double y, double radius, int resolution) { // Start at zero radians, and increment this many degrees each time. double degreeInc = 2*PI / (double) resolution; for(double deg = 0; deg < 2*PI; deg += degreeInc) { drawPt(x + radius*cos(deg), y + radius*cos(deg)); } } Less

Rocksauce Studios

At what point in the origination of a new project is it important to include Quality Assurance?

2 Answers

At the first meeting with stakeholders because QA engineers work on the project together with other team members (product owner, project manager, business analyst, and dev lead) throughout the software development cycle. QA will need to be aware of the requirements so that they accurately plan their tests. Less

At the first technical meeting. As a member of the process, QA help prevents serious issues during the project. Less


What can I bring to the company.

2 Answers


Attitude. Can Do and fix the problem. Not point a problem iut.

GE Digital

Can you work independently

2 Answers

Could you elaborate more on the interview questions?



Why was I at my last employer so long? (my previous position had been 30 years).

1 Answers

I enjoyed the job, lots of different assignments to do. Never any compelling reason to leave and go elsewhere. Less

BNED LoudCloud

perform installation amd configuration of various products like jenkins, jackabbit, tomcat, mysql,

1 Answers

installed almost everything successfully :)

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