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Q. What are some of the Kubernetes CNI's and how do they work ?

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Q. Linux Questions in General? Linux Booting process, Run levels, network protocols, DNS,SSH,Authentication,Load Balancers, API.

Reimplement a basic version of memcached put and gets with proper use of the protocol and connection handling. Explain how it could be improved to make it more production-ready.

Python scripting, deep git knowledge, Cloud architecture, Docker hands on exercise, ansible

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There were more questions but they were more HR focused. Below are the memorable ones. 1. Why are you applying for this position? 2. What did you at your last job? Please explain the software(s) you have used and how you think it relates to what we do here. 3. Why are you leaving your current job?

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Draw us a system design diagram for a scalable enterprise application in the cloud, that will handle 10,000+ requests per second... include all layers and systems required.

What is the mission of SRE? How to define success of your team? How to measure success of IC compare to Manager? How to choose which technology to use? How to manage conflict of interests? How to deal with "hard" employees? What is your management style? How to manage contractors? What might be different in managing contractor compare to full-time employee? How to manage remote teams? How to define metrics for a monitoring system? How to avoid false-positives?

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