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Trinity Health
Remote Administrative Assistant was asked...January 28, 2022

(1 ) Describe your Remote Administrative Assistant style? What attributes of yours give you an edge over other contenders for this position? What motivates you in your job? What are you looking for in a company? What are your career goals? What is your typing speed?

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My style would be Providing support services to a company executive or department from a distance often involves making phone calls, typing documents, reviewing reports, conducting research and participating in conference calls. I am a leader and a strong communicator. I’m also Agile, Able to Upskill and Reskill as Needed. I’m reliable,Flexible. Success is what motivates me to do a good job. Knowing the fact that my hard work and perseverance will help me achieve greater professional success is what keeps me going. In this job I’m looking for GROWTH and professional development and eager to learn new things and getting better at what I love to do. My career goals are to gain a new skill, and getting better at what I do. My typing speed is about 50 words or more per minute.. Less

I literally had this exact same situation happen to me. How did it turn out? Was it a scam? Im waiting on the "check". Less

Medical Services of America

What motivates me and where I wanted to be 5 years down the road.

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My children and the opportunity to invest in a company that is willing to invest in me. Less


scheduling travel for a CEO basic timezone questions.

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I answered the question based off of the obvious.


Basic subjective HR questions.

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Can you tell me which questions they asked you? How is the whole process? Because my test is Tomorrow Less

Clara Labs

They asked me to magically know how to log into a website that I didn't have an admin. password for to begin onboarding and thought that me asking what the computer requirements for live training sessions was meant that I didn't pay attention to details. It wasn't in the job description, nor was there an instruction manual.

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I told them that they don't stand a chance!


Step 1: Please locate a brand-name shoe store in California and paste the link in a Google Doc. Step 2: Create a spreadsheet and call it Shoe Store version 2 Step 3: Send a printable copy of the spreadsheet at . Include the name of the spreadsheet in the subject line and the date mm/dd/yyyy Step 4: Now please write a 75-word description of what you found on your search. Do not exceed 75 words Step 5: Paste this into the Google Doc from Step 1 Step 6: Share the Google Doc with the email from Step 3 This PLUS an automated voice interview. LOL.

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I won’t even attempt this without being able to speak to an actual human about the role. Less

TTK Services Pvt.

Nothing difficult...Team leader will ask why should we hire you?

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Stefanini Infinit

Describe yourself in three words.

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Kind, hardworking, intelligent.

Dentsply Sirona

What Ortho experience do you have?

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Provided the amount of years in Ortho experience.


From the online assessment before the interviews, there was a calendar question with a picture of a calendar asking how you might adjust things to free up time that week, there were a couple of travel questions. I feel like if you aren't used to booking travel often and with executives that don't tell you exactly what they want the travel questions could be challenging. There are probably multiple correct answers which can make you second guess yourself. It's not multiple choice, you write it out like you would an email or itinerary.

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If you are interested you should definitely apply and learn more. I think like anything else, everything isn't for everyone. The interview process has details and steps but talking with the recruiting team is not stressful and if you are used to details and problem solving with the work you normally do I think you'll feel totally comfortable. Less

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