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Remote Customer Service Representative was asked...July 27, 2020

Why do I want to work for wayfair?

2 Answers

I want to work for a company that can satisfy their customer base. I believe the quality of service and products are what Wayfair offers. Less

I very am detailed oriented and organized.

Productivity Associates

What would you do if you were trapped in a room with (fictional creature) for 10 minutes.

2 Answers


Do as the character does

Call Control

Tell me what you enjoy doing outside of work.

1 Answers

I enjoy traveling with my husband.

Conduit Global
(Remote CSR) was asked...September 3, 2020

Name a time where you made a decision without needing the supervisors approval.

1 Answers

Waiving the consultation fee for patients.


How would you react if I custumer cursed at you?

1 Answers

I would let them know I understand their frustration, let me try and find the best solution for this issue. Less

FH Cann & Associates

How do you de-escalate an irate customer? How do you build trust?

1 Answers

I have 16 years in mental health services; I trained in de-escalating procedures. Find common ground; empathize, offer solutions. Less

WellMed Medical Management

Standard interview questions were asked.

1 Answers

Did you email them your documents ? Asking because I’m currently going through this . Less

ECS Virtual Support

What we liked about customer service and remote work.

1 Answers

I love it and I am excited to be able to be at home with my son for his Senior year. I love helping people with different situations and love learning new things!! Less


The interviewer was a lady, and she asked easy questions like if I could complete 5 wks training, if $13.50 a hour was okay, what did I do at my last job. Have I worked in a remote position before, can I work in a quiet place with no distraction, if I had my own computer with dual computer monitors, head set, and camera?

1 Answers

I answered yes to all of the easy questions she had. I start my training on Oct. 19, 2020. The orientation will take place on Oct. 16, 2020 Less


Give me time when you had to use problem solving skills.

1 Answers

Tell the interviewer a situation you had to solve on your own

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