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Remote Staff Writer was asked...June 18, 2019

Three Different Ways Entrepreneurs Make Money Online + How Their Business Models Work

1 Answers

1. Sell your own products – this can be both tangible, such as selling handmade candles, or intangible like an online course or workshop 2. Sell your own services – business model is selling something intangible, such as web design or online coaching 3. Sell someone else’s products and services, business model involves selling both tangible and intangible goods. Less

Fit Small Business

Write out the steps someone would take to start a podcast?

1 Answers

1. Do market research with your ideal clients to help you determine the niche or topic you should do a podcast on 2. Choose a hosting platform, such as Blubrry, BuzzSprout, Libsyn 3. Define your show’s description. 4. Choose brand colors and create a podcast cover and social media templates to share your episodes as they go live. This is also a great time to create a podcast intro or outro. 5. Test your equipment – that means hardware, software, and firmware to ensure it’s running smoothly. 6. Create a podcast production calendar – will you do daily shows? Weekly? Monthly? How many will you record in advance? Use something like Trello to keep track of potential episodes, episodes scheduled, and episodes completed. 7. Record your episodes using something like iMovie, Quicktime, or Audacity 8. Edit – whether doing it yourself using iMovie or Audacity, or hiring it out to a freelancer or podcast editor. You, or they, should also run it through Levelator so that your sound is level and you aren’t having peaks and valleys in your audio. 9. Publish your episodes using your hosting platform. Try to get 4-6 episodes on there before launching to everyone else. 10. Have your episodes transcribed if you choose to, and host the transcriptions on your website. 10. Register podcast w/ directories: iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, and Alexa. Your podcast hosting platform will have 11. Share! You can share the link to your transcription, to the actual episode, or to the podcast itself. You can share using images, an audio clip, or a video clip with an audio overlay. 12. After building an audience and focusing on creating great content, you can then monetize. Ways you can monetize include affiliates, sponsorships, selling your own products/services, take donations, and charge for guests to appear on the show (much like EOFire). Less


Not really a question: content writers are asked to submit a first article based on training, which determines if an offer is made. Mine was "sent back for edits" four times.

1 Answers

I 've done Masters in Mathematics. I am interested to apply for job.

Fit Small Business

Can you tell me about your subject matter expertise?

1 Answers

I went through my previous experience in that industry and also through articles I've written in the past. Less

Fit Small Business

Tell me about your leadership skills:

1 Answers

I gave examples from my work history.

Fit Small Business

How do you balance your job with your outside hobbies/activities (it's apparent I travel extensively)?

1 Answers

I am a master of efficiency, and always have been. When you're a high achiever, you don't know anything other than doing and seeing all the things while maintaining a career and family. My hobbies take place outside of work, even though I've worked remotely for the last 4 years. I maintain strict business hours to get it all done. Less

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“Will $15 an hour work for you?”

1 Answers

(Narrator: “This was for a position requiring extensive experience with a variety of software suites, offering a rate that would have been insulting 30 years ago when those software suites didn’t exist.” Less

Alien Technology Transfer

To assess the marketability and investment potential of new companies. I applied for a job as a grant writer, not an investor, so I was surprised to be asked this.

Narcity Media

I was asked to submit 3 articles based on the position I was applying for. This is typical for many jobs like this and can be tedious if you're an experienced writer, but a great opportunity if you're just getting going. Either way, if you really like the work it shouldn't be too much trouble for you.


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