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Assistant Branch Rental Manager was asked...February 22, 2012

How do you handle a situation where one of your employees is just not getting the hang of selling/able to perform up to our standards?

1 Answers

Use progressive discipline, document everything, eventually let employee go if necessary - not everyone is meant to work at ERAC Less


Why do you feel that you’re a good fit for Aggreko?

4 Answers

I did this for over 20 years at my other job and could make the company even better than is now. Less

In my experience 12 years aggreko Qatar I work hard,I will be a great asset to the company, aggreko can be proud ta have me as an employee and I can be part of such a great company. In give a chance to come back aggreko. Less

Iam competent, qualified and experienced dedicated candidate to bring and achieve various experts in the field of engineering Less

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National Car Rental

do you have sales experience?

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Avis Budget Group

They may ask you to sell some random object to them such as a pen or piece of paper. Every salesman knows you can sell anything by using grand adjectives. IE This brand new design and 100% spherical technology allows for a better flow. Another toss up is that they may ask you to use a procedure already in practice with them PTL this stands for people travel luggage. In this procedure you ask how many people are traveling 1, then where are you traveling to 2, last how much luggage do you have. Now after this they will ask you based on what they said to recommend a car so you gotta know at least three get an SUV a large sedan or a luxury car. Tell them some features and why it works with their situation. BAM they're shocked and you've landed a depressing but well paid job.

1 Answers

All above

Avis Budget Group

Pick and item in the room and give me two reasons why I shouldn't buy it.

2 Answers

off topic

The office door is inhibiting and misleading. If you're offering a service, and are priding yourself in quality, and satisfaction, how is it that a closed door can be acceptable? In order for satisfaction in customer service to be achieved, perhaps the customer should be comfortable in the environment. An open door policy always was suggested at my former job. No matter what, the customer (in that case the employees) should feel no pressure in voicing a concern, asking a question, or making suggestions. Closed, the door suggests overload, absence, or lack of interest. None of these will invite customer sales... The pen on the table has tape around it, and has a hook for hanging in a shirt pocket. The pen doesn't need a top since it retracts, making another point, the assurance that your hands/shirt will not end up with pen marks. the Tape is not apart of design, but it shows that someone cared enough to mark the pen or piece it back together. It must write very well! It is small and grips easy, so writing is smooth. The best quality of this pen is its available here and now. No shipping, no waiting. Less

Rush Enterprises

My age, my work history, if I was married or single.

2 Answers

I told her my age, my work history, and that I was married.

All of these are deemed as being illegal questions to ask during an interview unless they are prudent to the responsibilities of the job and each question asked is asked to every applicant. Less

Avis Budget Group

Why Avis?

2 Answers

I want to work for a large company

Because Avis is the large and popular company of the world

The Home Depot

Why do you want to work at HD?

2 Answers

To earn a paycheck.

To earn my own money

The Home Depot

How do you handle stress?

2 Answers

Weep incessantly

Very well


International Experience and managing people with diversity

2 Answers


Yes having experiance

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