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sell me this pen. And what's your biggest weakness?

1 Answer

I was given a piece of clothing (I think it was a cardigan) and was asked to assume that I was on a call with a customer, and I had to describe the cardigan.

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What are three skills you would say a good salesman should have?

1 Answer

(1:1 Hiring Mgr) What is the extent of your cash handling experience?

3 Answers

The most difficult question was " How well can you work under pressure, when a client is making bizarre requests for an hour pick up time and is also being very demanding (RUDE).

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Marketing provides a lot of resources to help you promote your product. Of all the tools you are provided with, which are most important to help you reinforce your message to the doctor? What % of time on your calls do you use the following tools: Visual Aid, clinical studies, any detail aids that are on your computer?

1 Answer

What can you bring to the table in this role?

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Tell me about a time you heard no over and over again, despite having a good rapport with the lead and how did you go about it?

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How do you make people choose a product they don't want.

2 Answers

How would you respond to a customer that is complaining they have a hole in a product they just purchased?

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