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Do you know how to write your name?

3 Answers

I don't care who you are, That's so funny and accurate!

Thanks :). Happy Holidays.

If Motorola, Pace, and cisco and most of all Comcast even knew 1 tenth of how CTDI is screwing and lying to all of them, CTDI would be out of business in a day. Someone with more balls than me should report them.

Do you have reliable transportation?

1 Answer

They were no difficult question. Most of the question were basic trouble shooting steps in dealing the customer hardware issues.

1 Answer

When the HR rep asked if the interviewing manager advised what this position pays? I replied no, and she responded sheepishly $8/ with a lot of overtime available, because most helpers were averaging 60 hours/wek. Will this be OK with you?

1 Answer

Is 25 per hour the least you would take?

1 Answer

Have you ever done any drugs?

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What procedure would you use to troubleshoot a PCB?

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can you come in?

1 Answer

Why should we hire you?

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Where do you see yourself within the company in 3 years?

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