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Acuris Global
Reporter was asked...May 17, 2012

If an acquisition or merger was happening and you couldn't get hold of the CEO, what would your next step be to get a story?

3 Answers

Wrong answer. Almost introduce yourself as a journalist. If you can't get the CEO, try to get the CFO or some other senior executive. You very well might have to go through the proper PR channels or even an investor relations person. While it is true that spokespeople sometimes run interference, often times they are very helpful. If you can't reach someone at the company, back up your story with public records and interviews with other industry sources. Less

*Always introduce, not almost introduce.

Pretend you're someone else, don't mention you're a journalist. AVOID the PR team as their job is to block your access to the executives etc. Less


Do you wear leather.

3 Answers

if your answer to this isn't "absolutely not", you probably shouldn't have applied at PETA... Less

Yes. Recycled belts, hiking boots. I also sleep with a down sleeping bag. PETA did not approve of my answers, so I couldn't even get into the next stage of interviews for a job I was very well qualified. Unfortunately, they are so extreme that it is difficult to support them, much less work with them. Less

Down is extremely cruel. Really an excruciating process. Feathers are forcefully ripped out 4 times a year! :( The birds live in tiny cages, in a filthy environment, with no daylight or fresh air. I can see why "supporting" down would disqualify a candidate... Less

New York Public Radio

What can you bring to the organization that we need?

2 Answers

Currently, I am a graduate of Zhejiang University, majoring in journalism, Korean, and completed my undergraduate thesis with the help of the Institute of Media and International Culture.I'm good at Korean and Chinese,but my english not good. editing and filming, and I'm interested in journalists, interviews, and broadcasting.Would it be convenient for you to have a chat with me? Less

In the workplace, I can do things calmly and efficiently and bring joy to the workplace. Less


A test on current news and how you would write it and what visuals you would use.

2 Answers

Report facts and use company logo for company in question.

Hi, is there any way I can contact you? I got an interview as a reporter. Would like to inquire more Less

Reporter was asked...March 21, 2012

Critic: People today place an especially high value on respect for others; yet in their comedy acts, many of todays most popular comedians display blatant disrespect for others. But when people fail to live up to the very ideals they hold in highest esteem, exaggeration of such failings often forms the basis of successful comedy. Thus the current popularity of comedians who display disrespect in their acts is hardly surprising. The critics argument depends on which of the one following assumptions?

2 Answers

Is this an actual real specific question from the actual test you took when you applied for the job or is this just an example from an old LSAT practice test you used to show what type of question will be on the job app test? Less

A. People who enjoy comedians who display disrespect in their acts do not place a high value on respect for others. B. Only comedians who display blatant disrespect in thier acts are currently successful. C. Many people disapprove of the portrayal of blatant disrespect for others in comedy acts. D. People today fail to live up to their own ideals more frequently than was the case in the past. Less

IB Times

How does ISIS recent expropriation of Ramadi effect peace talks in Mosul?

2 Answers

I don't know.

what a question

Bloomberg L.P.

nothing unusual, and the test was cake

2 Answers

Was wondering the same. :)

Can you tell me anything about the test? Was it the 90 minute writing test? Taking it tomorrow early and I'm very nervous! Help! Any details would be appreciated. Less

Construction Journal

Can you visit the county permit department once a week?

2 Answers


Yes, I can,

Reporter was asked...April 19, 2016

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

How much time passed between your final interview and a job offer?


Prisa Radio

What outlets do you consult to get informed?

1 Answers

CNN, Fox News, Univision, Miami Herald and BBC

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