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Do you wear leather.

3 Answers

Yes. Recycled belts, hiking boots. I also sleep with a down sleeping bag. PETA did not approve of my answers, so I couldn't even get into the next stage of interviews for a job I was very well qualified. Unfortunately, they are so extreme that it is difficult to support them, much less work with them.

Down is extremely cruel. Really an excruciating process. Feathers are forcefully ripped out 4 times a year! :( The birds live in tiny cages, in a filthy environment, with no daylight or fresh air. I can see why "supporting" down would disqualify a candidate...

if your answer to this isn't "absolutely not", you probably shouldn't have applied at PETA...

How does ISIS recent expropriation of Ramadi effect peace talks in Mosul?

2 Answers

nothing unusual, and the test was cake

2 Answers

Can you visit the county permit department once a week?

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Why do you want to work here?

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From where do you get your news?

1 Answer

What outlets do you consult to get informed?

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What do you want from an editor?

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What do you think this beat entails? What classes did you take? What did you like the most about working for...?

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They dive into whatever you talk about and get very technical very quickly. Lots of topical questions for the region I was interviewing. Ex: How has the ECB easing of monetary policy affected currency rates in China.

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