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There was a skills test for MySQL What are you looking for in terms of company culture? Tell of a problem that you used analytics to solve? Questions about recent projects that you have completed

Give us an example where you were working in a group on a project, and someone in the group was not pulling their own weight. how did you handle the situation?

On a scale of 1-10, where did I feel I was ranked in Excel skills.

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Biggest strength, area of improvements, what makes you stand out from other candidates, Why Northern Trust, Why this role

The questions in both interviews were pretty standard. In the second interview, the focus was on making sure the fit was right for a somewhat stressful and demanding position, so most of the questions revolved around how I would deal with certain difficult situations on the job.

Asked all about past experience and HR related questions but gave feedback as other candidate has more technical skills, though not even a single technical question was asked in the interview.

My knowledge of excel My knowledge of SQL Customer service experience with professional environment

The questions were standardized and none were unexpected.

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