Research Analyst Interview Questions

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"Advantages of using EBITDA over enterprise value in the valuation process."

"Prove that the number between two twin primes can be divided by 6."

"If i give you $1,000, and I ask you to invest it for me, what are two questions you should ask me?"

"Why do you think we don't include the product distributors in our catalog?"

"How would you invest $10 million today?"

"<firm> needs to increase sales. What kind of methods can they use to determine effectiveness of new product/promotion?"

"What books are on your bedside table?"

"How has your leadership style helped in a team environment? How has your leadership style hurt in a team environment?"

"Build a methodology for sizing the number of pharmacies on the island of Manhattan"

"Tell me about a time you've had a conflict with a professor/manager/co-worker."

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