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build an interface and class that handles constant input of stock values for many companies and allows user to query current avg stock price of that company.

1 Answer

singleton interface and hashmap maintaining avg across company name

If you worked here what would you change about the recipe development process?

1 Answer

Describe your research to me

1 Answer

Asked me how I would determine the power needed from a pump to pump water through a closed loop system.

1 Answer

What is the AbilityOne Program? What is NISH / NIB?

1 Answer

Design for a google doc style spreadsheet, with a focus on how to handle multiple concurrent edits and formulas on the spreadsheet.

2 Answers

If I wanted the job because I had done the job before with the state of North Carolina.

1 Answer

If you were working in a neat set-up and found that a tool was missing which was needed to complete a task quickly to meet a deadline, what would you do? If no replacement tool was found, how would you handle missing the importatnt deadline?

1 Answer

How has been your experience with clustering using Machine Learning?

1 Answer

What one thing would you change about where you work now?

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