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How comfortable are you in carrying on a project? Do you need a clear set of tasks to accomplish or do you figure out the smaller details of the project yourself?

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Part of my research work was to spearhead the bioinformatics analysis capability within our lab and so I took it upon myself to figure out the little details of optimizing a pipeline work for RNA-Seq experiments by reading previous literature, consulting faculty experts as well as tech support for the instruments/software I used. This experience made me realize I am project oriented where if given a list of goals, I am able to figure out the tasks to complete to fulfill those goals. Often times, it's when I learn the most and may possibly find that our goals may need to be tweaked due to certain limitations or because it results in more optimal data/findings. Although, depending on the project, I can also follow a list of tasks that need to be completed if that's exactly what needs to happen.

From the previous summary given above, the interview was straightforward with little surprise. If there was something they were particularly interested in, they just asked about it in more detail.

How does this research position fit in with your long-term career goals?

How does your experience relate? What will you bring to the team? How does the position help with future goals?

What are my realistic expectations for job security considering a 5 year grant (maximum) and the nature of the economy?

No difficult or unexpected questions. Everything was stated correctly in the job description

Are you sure you have enough time for a full time job with a baby at home?

Tell me about yourself Describe your communication skills Why this position

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