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What experience to you bring to CNN that others would not bring?

1 Answer

Listed my various ranges of experiences in the field and ability to find the story out of the resources available.

They did ask me to provide " very specific" examples from my former work that demonstrated my research and supervisory experience and expertise. Therefore, a prospective interviewee needs to be very well prepared before their interview. They need to be fully acquainted with this organization before the interview and to be able to demonstrate how their prior experience would qualify them to work there.

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The Human Resources Department was very difficult to work with and it took 5 months to become a full time employee from a contact employee. They always asked how I was qualified for such a high level salary.

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They asked me why I wanted to live in Lexington?

1 Answer

I was given raw data (in the form of data tabs) and asked to analyze it and compile a comprehensive PowerPoint report with actionable insights.

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What would your bosses, employees, and co-workers say about you?

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What fuels your competitive drive?

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Describe your research experience in the base chemicals area.

What would be 5 positive things that your manager will tell about you and 5 things for improvement?

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