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Director of Research was asked...November 17, 2016

Do you have data from Thomson Reuters Do you have secret database of contact of Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg Law Do you have any clients that feel like they wanna abandon Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Capital SP, and Factset, we offer cheaper options coz we got the source

1 Answers

I have..please hire me..I have all of that, I can make ur company f''' successfull Less


Standard questions like, "give me an example of a time when you faced an issue and did something and what the results were."

2 Answers

The behavior described above is 100% accurate, and does NOT stop after the interview. Beware. Less

Do your research on their research methodology and research agenda. Have great dragon-slaying stories ready. Less

Advisory Board

What fuels your competitive drive?

1 Answers

I stumbled a bit on this one and had to fight the urge to say, "competition?"

Describe your background in 30 seconds

2 Answers

I did.

My experience was exactly the same. Condescending attitude for a $30-$35K salary with no benefits. Less

Change to Win

What one thing, more than any other, is the reason the labor movement hasn't grown?

1 Answers

failure to prioritize new organizing across the board.

Q Are you good at crunching numbers ?: .

1 Answers

Comment avez-vous répondu à cette question ? (Facultatif)

Children's Defense Fund

They did ask me to provide " very specific" examples from my former work that demonstrated my research and supervisory experience and expertise. Therefore, a prospective interviewee needs to be very well prepared before their interview. They need to be fully acquainted with this organization before the interview and to be able to demonstrate how their prior experience would qualify them to work there.

1 Answers

I was able to answer these questions by thoroughly reviewing their job description and website and then reviewing my work history before the interview. Therefore, I was able to directly link my prior experience to the job qualifications. Less

KLAS Research

What attributes will you bring to our team to help us grow?

1 Answers

Honesty, integrity, and building trust easily with medical professionals is baked into my DNA. I enjoy and find it fulfilling to help others navigate the murky waters of vendor hype and realistic expectations! Less

KLAS Research

Name a time you've had to do something really hard and how you overcame it. (In hindsight, this is likely asked to find out if you're willing to work extra long hours without additional compensation.)

1 Answers

Told about a time I worked for a start up company with very little direction and had to create our own market share. Less

Educational Testing Service

What is your biggest weakness?

1 Answers

I can get overly focused on a project and lose site of other work.

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