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Republic Airways
Flight Attendant Interview was asked...February 1, 2015

Look online and find out potential questions.

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Okay thank you!!! I'm going for Republic airways.

Hi I I interviewed 02/03 then got the congratulations email the day after, and today (02/05) I got a phone called this morning regarding to attending the Shuttle training by the end of this month!!!! I was wondering if you are going to lol Less

I attended the 2/3 open house in Nashville and see two others here that made it. Congratulations! I guess a text is in order to get more info. I guess I'll soon get my TBNT letter soon. Less

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It was very high-level technical round logical/automation/software testing questions. There required a high-quality resource for QA position. It is not easy to select. Interview questions are very high level not easy to answer them. The interviewer asked questions which were very technical in both rounds of interview.

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However, I answered all question but not sure it was correct.


Why Get Post Methods. The get post methods are use to check the result from API Less

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finds out a worker didnt wear safety glass, what you going to do

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let me know if any one got the GDP offer already.... post comment below

Did anyone get the offer? Rejection or something?


When do you want to start.

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This job available? Let me know something


University Health Network

Tell me about yourself.

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My name is ...., I have been registered dietitian for 19 years in Brasil. I’m married and have an 11 years old son. We decided to come to Canada to give my son a different experience. Also,,I’m having so, since I’m studying again. Less

My name is Tatiana, I’m married and have a son. I came from Brazil last year so I could study and give my son a different experience. Add to it, learning a new language and know how is living in a different country with a diversity of people is being a wonderful and challenge experience. Less

I’ve been a registered dietitian for 19 years. At this time I could experience many different positions in different jobs and this let me gain experience and knowledge. I also volunteered in three different places as a dietitian. The volunteer work made me learn how to deal with people with kindness. Less

Delta Air Lines

You hear 2 coworkers gossiping about another coworker on the plane and are confident passengers are within ear shot and can hear them. What would you do?

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No, I have not. I have not heard either way so I continue to patiently wait. :)

No, I have not. I have not heard either way so I continue to patiently wait. :)

Hi, I was wondering if you got call for the f2f?

MarketStorm Global

What is that your looking for in a job? What's your goals in life? Are you competitive?

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Im looking for a fun, chill but serious working condition. When you do something and is at least bearable things get done. My goals in life is to continue to grow everyday ,in knowledge and in life. To always be first in what you do, life and work. but if you cant at least try your hardest. And the best you can.. Less

I would answer these questions with honestly?

Ministry of Manpower

Tell me about yourself

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Just tell them about yourself lol

The said question can be answered by focusing on our professional achievements. It is better to focus on those things which are not in the CV. Less

In INTERVIEW I was given a machine test which was fine enough. I was selected.

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They were impressed with my performance but they don't provide hike so I rejected them. Less

What want to say about HR of the world's best company

Headway Workforce Solutions

Have you ever modified the operating system of a mobile device?

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Based on my personal experience, it is more likely that they asked that question because of the activities of shady managers .......and they didn't want those activities to be documented, thus the micromanaging the tablets. Less

They would prefer "No" because they've had some trouble with people doing shady things to tablets that administer surveys. Less

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