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You receive an on call report at 3 AM about children screaming and it is believed the children are being physically hurt. What would you do?

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Today is Friday April 29, 2016. As of April 22, 2016 HR received my hire packet and are reviewing. I found more information that makes the wait a little more easier, but will post that information after I hear back from the hiring manager. Expecting to get an Acceptance Letter, call and/or email soon, prayerfully today. Anticipation is a beast when you really want something, but I encourage each of you who read this post to be patient and confident in your skills. Doors will open in only the right places for you.

My hire packet is under review and I spent today entirely on my phone and computer sending in information yo HR. I am soooo thankful for technology. Today I had to upload copies of my actual Bachelors degree (because my transcript did not have "conferred date" listed; as some don't), my registration for my vehicle, my signed declaration page since it actually had "Business Insurance" listed on it, and my drivers record showing that my license was valid. Thankfully I am a patient person, so I did not find this process nerve wrecking as most would. However, when you want something bad enough, you simply have to fight for it. For all those who are seeking employment across boarders, just know that your patience will be tried, it's up to you to go the distance. Also, you only have 30 days from thw date of hire to actually get your license and vehicle registration changed over to the state of Florida. SoSo with that said, I didn't get the Acceptance letter today, but I am assured and confident it is on the way. Stay tuned!

I do apologize! So Friday, April 29, 2016 was spent making the hiring packet complete. Today May 2, 2016, I was offered the position and had to choose my start date. The start date is part of the acceptance letter that goes into the hiring packet. Now my hiring packet is under review/approval. In about three days from today, I should receive an email with all hire information and then I will receive the same information through the mail, making it really official. Stay tuned.

Tell me about yourself?

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What would you do if the subject cannot interview during normal hours, and is only available during his lunch which is after midnight?

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How long would it take you to set up a neuroscience lab?

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Tell me about a time you improved efficiency

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Besides reading, give 5 things a book is used for

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 Definition and Indicators Think Big: Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Leaders create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results. They think differently and look around corners for ways to serve customers. What this looks like in Practice As a people manager do you… As an individual contributor do you… · Take a radical approach and risks when necessary, always questioning traditional assumptions in pursuit of the biggest and best idea? · Create a gutsy mission that employees can be inspired by and get behind; provide direction for how to get there and explain how everything fits into the long-term plan? · Continually communicate the big picture and mission to the team in a manner that gets employees excited (as a result, employees want to get out of bed and come to work each day)? · Actively explore new ideas from team members, encouraging risk taking when appropriate? · Translate broader mission into big, hairy ideas and tactics in your own work? · Ask questions to get a sense of direction and confirm how work fits into the short- and long-term picture? · Hungrily accept the challenge to create the best idea/solution and take risks? 1. Give me an example of a radical approach to a problem you proposed. What was the problem and why did you feel it required a completely different way of thinking about it? Was your approach successful? 2. How do you drive adoption for your vision/ideas? How do you know how well your idea or vision has been adopted by other teams or partners? Give a specific example highlighting one of your ideas. 3. Tell me about time you were working on an initiative or goal and saw an opportunity to do something much bigger than the initial focus. 4. Tell me about a time you looked at a key process that was working well and questioned whether it was still the right one? What assumptions were you questioning and why? Did you end up making a change to the process? 5. Tell me about a time you took a big risk – what was the risk, how did you decide to do it and what was the outcome? 6. Now Tell me about a time you took a big risk and it failed. What did you learn? What would you do differently? VOCALLY SELF CRITICAL
 Definition and Indicators Vocally Self Critical: Leaders do not believe their or their team’s body odor smells of perfume. Leaders come forward with problems or information, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. Leaders benchmark themselves and their teams against the best. What this looks like in Practice As a people manager do you… As an individual contributor do you… · Admit mistakes, issues and areas for development; seek out and accept coaching and feedback to improve? · Set an example for your team by owning responsibility for problems and failures and working to resolve them? · Encourage team members to bring issues to your attention constructively? · Escalate issues even when doing so might be unpopular? 1. Give me an example of an idea you had that was strongly opposed. Why was there so much resistance? How did you handle the negative feedback? 2. Give me an example of a significant professional failure. What did you learn from this situation? 3. Tell me about a time where someone has openly challenged you. How did you handle this feedback? 4. Tell me about a time you made a significant mistake. What led you to making the wrong decision? What would you have done differently in retrospect? 5. Give an example of a tough or critical piece of feedback you received. What was it and what did you do about it? 6. Tell me about a time you received feedback with which you didn’t agree. How did you react? Tell me about time you had to learn something outside your comfort zone in order to drive results for your organization or to adapt to a change in the market, organization or other catalyst.

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Why BMS? Describe your projects in the past. What is your exception for the this role.

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You will be greeted by someone at the door. Be observant of what they are wearing, be observant of any facial hair, eye color, clothing, etc. This material may be asked in the interview just to see how observational you may be.

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How do you deal with interruptions when you have a deadline to meet?

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