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Given a matrix print it clockwise from the first element to the very inner element.

6 Answers

Need to design the program first and then implement it very carefully yet fast!

void PrintMatrix(int** a, int n) { for (int i = 0; i = i; j--) { printf("%d ", a[n - i -1][j]); } } void PrintColInc(int** a, int n, int i) { for (int j = i; j = i; j--) { printf("%d ", a[j][i]); } }

struct point { point(int a, int b) { row = a; col = b; } int row; int col; }; void printMatrixSpiral(int a[][5], int r, int c) { int direction = 1; // 1 - right // 2 - down // 3 - left // 4 - up point upper_left = point(0,0); //point upper_right = point(0,c-1); point lower_right = point(r-1, c-1); //point lower_bottom = point(r-1, 0); while(true){ if(direction==1){ int row = upper_left.row; for(int i=upper_left.col; i= upper_left.col;--i){ cout= upper_left.row;--i){ cout lower_right.row) || (upper_left.col > lower_right.col)){break;} } }

Nothing very unexpected or difficult. As this is a work from home position, I did have to bring in proof of my current internet connection/speed but that was fairly straightforward.

3 Answers

Describe some programs that you have written.

3 Answers

How would you deal with a stressful situation if you knew customers were watching you..

4 Answers

Why do you want to work for Delta?

3 Answers

The most difficult job was when the leader told me to sell him something - anything. I always hate that question. I ended up telling him to give me something to sell - he chose his pen.

3 Answers

The questions were pretty basic to how you would handle customer service situations. Like describe a time you had to make a diffuclt choice. or tell of a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

3 Answers

Have you been convicted for a felony before?

2 Answers

what do you know about Delta Airlines?

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Tell me about a time you saw someone do something unsafe at work. (There were about 3 of these questions worded differently)

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