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Residence Life Interview Questions

"Universities hiring residence life staff want candidates that are eager to work with college students and create welcoming residential communities. Expect to answer questions about your ability to organize activities, coordinate dorm-wide events, and ensure a happy living environment for students. Undergraduate students may apply for resident assistant positions, while graduate students and university faculty may be eligible for management positions such as residence life coordinators, directors, and deans."

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5 people who all have the same question sheet and go around the room reading questions from the sheet. Was asked how I handled ambiguous situations and conflict among dorm residents. Interview lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. The group had a great chemistry between them and because of that the interview did not feel like the pressure cooker it could have been.

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A beautiful campus and really great workers I encountered. People seemed to really love their jobs and that makes it an appealing place to want to work. I was impressed by the process and the school. I am still waiting to get a final determination on where I stand in the process after my interview (a week ago).

What would you do if a rule that we put in place went against your ethical beliefs.

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What programs have you been thinking about implementing if offered this position?

What has been your experience interacting with drug and alcohol violations.

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Give an example of a supervisory experience.

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