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Kennesaw State University
Resident Assistant was asked...February 14, 2016

If you had unlimited resources, what activity would you organize?

1 Answers

I would organize an activity related to my personal interests (in my case engineering) so that I can give the best in organizing it, but always keeping it educational end enjoyable in order to gather as many students as possible (in my case, egg drop competition or building from scratch the best tower or boat with simple material) Less

Brookdale Senior Living

If you are busy and a patient's call light goes off, what would you do?

1 Answers

Radio one of the other Resident Assistants and ask them to answer the light for you. Less

Florida Atlantic University

Why do you think you would make a good resident assistant.

1 Answers

I love helping people. I had a huge family, and being a part of something bigger than myself is extremely important to me. I want to help students learn to be comfortable with who they are and with anything else along the way. Less

RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)

How would you make sure everyone on your RA floor felt comfortable and engaged in floor events.

1 Answers

I would introduce myself personally to everyone on the floor and let them know they can come talk to me any time about anything they want. If I saw a resident trying to participate in group events but not having any success, I would introduce him to other residents and try to strike up a conversation between them. Less

Arkansas State University-Beebe

What would I do to help students out?

3 Answers

Make myself available to them for whatever they needed.

I would make sure they have a good understanding of what they need to know.

Be there for them anytime they need me.

Five Star Senior Living

What would you do if a resident didn't want to take a shower?

2 Answers

I wouldn't force them, I'd either ask a co-worker for help, or suggest an alternative or come back to it. Less

Ninw times out of ten if you ask a resident if they want to take a shower they will say no. But if you go into a resident room with towels in hand and tell the resident your there to help with there shower they will say ok. Its all in the approach. Must gain theresident trust. Less

Atria Senior Living

If a resident was to say something was missing from their room or that you specifically was to blame for the missing item, what would you do?

2 Answers

After I started answering, she interjects and adds that the resident lives in memory care. Which is two different things from AL and Memory care with two different answers. I answered, to let someone else know or become involved. Answer she wanted, To reassure the resident and even offer to help look or to tell them you'll find out what happened to the item. Less

Their answer is correct BUT your answer is also correct. Their answer is the obvious response. Your answer is better as far as repercussions and covering your butt. I worked for Attica for 13 years, I know how they roll. Yes, I said Attica. Less

Atria Senior Living

Why did you choose Atria?

2 Answers

Because you have job opportunities all over the place.

My mom works for them and I though the money would add up and the pay but looks like I may need a new job Less

St Peter S University

If you can be a rock, a river, or a tree which one would you be?

1 Answers

A tree because the only way it can stay alive is by forming strong roots.


One question was something like "You are the only staff on shift at a group home. Sally cut her finger really badly on a knife, Bob is throwing up, and Jane wet her pants all at the same time. Who do you help first?"

1 Answers

I answered that I would help the individuals in that same order. Sally, Bob, then Jane. Less

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