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Atria Senior Living
Resident Care Director was asked...April 1, 2015

Questions were as expected tell me about yourself, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, how would you handle a ........situation, several questions regarding people with dementia and how to care them, questions such as tell me about a time that you had to ....... an employee or co-worker about.........and etc. Bottom line is that they want to make sure you are passionate about caring for the elder because it should be a job in which you can find joy and satisfaction. You take an on-line personality, medication and IQ test if they think you will be a good fit for their company.

2 Answers

It sounded like a great place to work and I liked everything about it but the timing was not right for me to accept 24/7 responsibility. Less

Are you a RN or LPN?

Sunrise Senior Living

How old am I? and would I be able to handle conflict?

2 Answers

I explained that my age doesn't determine my qualifications. Also, when conflicts occur I would use rational techniques and remain calm with the individual. Less

It is TOTALLY inappropriate and I believe illegal for them to ask your age

Atria Senior Living

What is your management style.

2 Answers

I am very fair and not afraid to get in there and help when needed.

Did you get the position?

Albany State University

Why should ASU consider me as a candidate

1 Answers

With confidence

Benedictine College

How would you handle a situation where a student has bad body odor?

1 Answers

Determine the reason for the poor hygiene. Is it cultural, health related or simply behavioral. Explain the impact the body odor is having on the community and suggest solutions. Show student scene from Lion King when Pumba sang about his history of fowl smell. Less

UC Riverside

Why do you want this position?

1 Answers

I talked about my specific desires and how this position would help me grow and prepare me for my future career. Less

UC Riverside

The asked some situational questions.

1 Answers

I answered with with prior experience I had with the department.


there is a garden shop at the bottom of the street who has been there for 30 years and doesn't need to worry about customers, how would you convince the owner to implement a change strategy

1 Answers

hard as the main reasons for the change were always dismissed as not a problem you don't need to worry about that Less

Five Star Senior Living

How do I think I would benefit the company in this role

1 Answers

I stated that the knowledge that I have could help save the company money. I am a hard worker and like to get things done. Less

Darwin Homes

Do you have experience with collections procedures?

1 Answers

Yes, then shared specific experience

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